Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lame Mom

Reunion approaches...

The theme this year is "Birthdays" - not sure what that means but I like to get into the spirit of the event. I know - I am a little over the top sometimes but I do enjoy myself!

I thought it would be so cute if our family all wore shirts in the color of their birthstone - you know - to match the theme. You would have thought I had asked the world...

Mellisa hates yellow (Nov./Topaz) - I didn't know that - but she is wearing it anyway and I don't care. Kiel's birth stone is an Opal (Oct.) - well, how do you get that color on a shirt? He is wearing white. Alyx's is the Pearl (June) - so she is wearing white. Chris and I are wearing different shades of blue (Sept./Sapphire & Dec./Turquoise). Riley is in a shade of blue (March/Aquamarine). AJ - who is the good child - is going on a desperate search today for a pale green shirt (August/Peridot). He is such a pleaser - and kudos to him for at least trying!

So - it was a good idea but we are probably going to look as goofy as hell. Oh well.

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