Monday, June 15, 2009

Lincoln College

Kiel and I took a day on Friday to attend orientation at Lincoln. It is a lovely, old, small campus - perfect for a transition to college. It was an all day ordeal - lots of breakout sessions about every topic imaginable - plus tours - and lunch. I didn't see Kiel all day but about the same format was planned for him as well.

Couple of things that I learned - Lincoln will take anyone. There are mandatory programs that kids with a 15 or less on their ACT had to enroll in. I was shocked. I didn't think that kids that got less than a 15 would go to college. Heck, Mel couldn't read and he managed to get a 17! Must be the athletes is all I can figure.

Kiel and I both had an eye-opening culture experience. Some people just don't know how to act. I don't care if you are dirt poor and were raised in a Chicago ghetto or filthy rich and live in a Chicago high rise - you DON'T talk while a speaker is talking. And for the love - you DO NOT talk on your damn cell phone while you are in the middle of learning about financial aid!! I could not believe it. There were 2 large black women in the back of one session - just chit chatting away while I am trying to learn about the housing arrangements (and everyone else). Another black woman in the front turns around and shushes them - which causes the ladies in the back to be combative and verbal. It was not a good session.

I am glad I don't live in Chicago.

Anyway, Kiel is registered for his classes and seems absolutely thrilled. I had ordered XL Twin Sheets and then the housing person mentioned that Kiel will probably be assigned an XXL bed. I didn't even know they made those - I imagine those sheets are going to be ridiculous expensive. I think we will use the XL sheets and those strap things and hope they hang on!!! We still have a huge list of things to buy - which is fun. Kiel isn't nearly as excited as I am though...

BTW - Kiel thought I should mention that is a 'black, mainly innercity Chicago' school. Not sure why - but in the middle of Central Illinois - in the middle of a small cornfield town, sits this college. I think this will be a great experience for him. Bloomington Normal may be culturally diverse - but certainly not economically diverse. I think he may actually realize that he has a lot of advantages that a lot of kids don't...

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