Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bear

The family has a new member. Bear is a Great Pyrenees and the sweetest dog. His family had to give him away since their new infant is allergic to dogs. The poor owner, Matt, was almost in tears when he left.

Bear is huge - his feet are huge - his head is huge. And his coat is so soft - like a big blanket. This is a good thing since he thinks he is a lap dog! He loves to play in the snow - probably since he is hot! He is very protective of his food. He has a low guttural growl that sounds just like a bear for his warning noise. He seems to be adjusting well however. He came from a very quiet household to chaos so I am sure he will slowly get used it.

The girls love him. And he slept with us the first night (that was a VERY crowded bed). He slept on a sleeping bag next to me last night. We will get him a giant doggie bed tonite.

1 comment:

  1. Bear is beautiful. Was the sleeping bag a gift from AJ?