Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interesting night

So - I journeyed to Kiel's game solo last night. The game itself was boring. The other team tried very hard but our bench even beat them. I think the final score was 101 to 47.

Anyway, Kiel's coach stopped me before the game. He mentioned that he needs to meet with Chris & myself as he is getting lots of calls from colleges already. He wants to narrow down Kiel's choices so he can just tell schools up front that he isn't interested. I teased the coach that he just didn't want to deal with the calls - and he agreed! So, we are supposed to decide small/large school, in/out of state, degrees, etc. Exciting! Last I heard, Kiel was going to stay at Lincoln the two years and get the associates and a bit more conditioning/strength and stats before moving on...

Then, after the game, the Spoon River coached stopped and talked with Kiel and me. He heavily recruited Kiel over the summer. Wonderful guy, young, full of ideas but his program was just too new and sketchy and we just couldn't risk it. He shook our hands and told us that he felt we did make the right decision by coming to Lincoln. He said he had no idea what level Kiel was going to be at and there was no way that Spoon River could have provided Kiel what he needed in a program. Shook our hands again and we told him thank you. Awkward but made us both feel very good.

It is very scary making these decisions! Hopefully, our next big one concerning schools goes just as well!

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