Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chris was gone again...

Long story...
We live in a fairly quiet neighborhood. Lots of kids - lots of dogs.
Alyx and I stayed home on Monday. Neither of us were feeling well. We watched Animal Planet all day. There were a couple of shows that I enjoyed. One was called "Its Me or the Dog" - very interesting dog training type of show. The other was a heart breaker but I don't remember the name. It is a show that follows the Animal Control people in Texas. One episode was the team saving over a 100 dogs that have been left to die after a puppy mill closed. Horrible - absolutely horrible.

So now - you know my frame of mind on Tuesday...
I went outside to spray dandelions in the back yard (I don't like whole lawn fertilizer too much - try to minimize that as much as possible). I thought I found a rabbit. Nope, it's a dead dog.

Crap. I squeal and run upstairs to Mellisa. She looks out the window - mom, it's a rabbit. Looks again - mom, that's a dog!

I have no idea what to do - so I call Chris. As usual, he is gone. I make him leave Alyx at gymnastics to come home and help me freak out I guess...

I want to call the police - Chris says - no, you don't call the police for this. I look it up on the Internet. People's dogs kill a lot of other dogs. Lots of lawsuits, etc. Crap. I am sobbing now. I don't want anyone to take my dogs away!

I called the Animal Control people. They were very nice and managed to understand me through my tears. They showed up about an hour later. I guess they got a call earlier in the day about two dogs roaming the neighborhood and they only caught the one. No tags - no collar. They take away the dog and will notify the neighbor that they found the second one - as soon as they claim the first one and pay the fine. They did tell us to watch our dogs for rabies as they doubt that these dogs had had any shots.

Those poor dogs are notorious in the neighborhood because they crawl under their fence and get out all of the time. We have even found one of them in our back yard before - which is quite a challenge as they have to squeeze thru the wood slats in the fence.

I am still angry. These poor animals had bad owners that just didn't care about their well being. And I can't blame my dogs - they are animals - and were reacting with those instincts.
The whole thing is just sad.

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