Thursday, April 8, 2010

The oven

For Easter breakfast, I decided to not make our traditional, yummy egg casserole and try something new. I love Paula Deen and found a recipe for her French Toast casserole. What a disaster. It cooked an extra twenty minutes and was still a mushy mess. The kids will never forgive me for that attempt at change...

The casserole did make one giant mess all over the inside of the oven. Brown sugar and eggs - lovely.

We have only been using the grill outside since Easter but last night, Chris made the girls corn dogs. And I guess it smelled really badly.

I had a girlfriend over to chit chat and in the midst of her visit, Chris gets a wild hair to start the self-clean oven. Normally, this is not a big deal - a little smelly - but not too bad. I usually start it over night so we don't have to smell it.

Anyhow, Bobbi and I noticed that the kitchen was getting foggy - then down right smoky. Then smoke starts pouring out of the burner vent. What in the world? We had had some cocktails - so we are just giggling like crazy and yell for Chris and run outside so we can breathe. Of course, the over is locked due to the temp - probably a good thing that the door wouldn't open - but he did manage to get it shut off. After twenty minutes of us sitting outside - the door comes open. Aha! That's where my dinner was! I thought the dog ate it! I have never seen a chicken breast look like a small hockey puck. Chris just threw the little pan away and went to bed.

I thought it was the funniest thing.... Guess you had to be there...

Oh - and I come to work - in clean clothes mind you - and I smell like I have been at an all-night bonfire - hahahahaha!

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