Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I haven't written in quite awhile...

Several thoughts about rabbits.

The girls have the cutest game series for their Wii - starring Rabbids. They are alien rabbits - and I am sure there is a bit of the rabies reference in the naming as they are crazy. The worse that they do is steal peoples' clothing. It is cute. Definitely not the furry, lovable animal however.

Rabbits make Alyx break out and swell up like a balloon. We discovered this last year when the neighbor down the street was raising a couple for her 4H project. This was not a good thing.

Rabbits are annoying little pests that eat my strawberries. I had to use a very extravagant cover to protect my berries last year.

And then, last night.
Tanner found the nest. Tanner proceeded to drag one out of the nest. Alyx investigates and starts screaming - Mom - it's a rat nest!!! I go outside. Nope, I couldn't get that lucky. Infant bunnies. Fantastic. Riley - always logical - points out that the legs and arms are in different directions and there is a lot of blood and this bunny is going to die. Alyx begins crying - no, not crying - absolute hysterical sobbing. Riley is poking it with a stick. Tanner is growling wanting to finish the job. And yes, Chris is sitting at the White Sox game drinking a beer. Just great. Riley tries to throw it over the fence with a napkin. Tanner eats it. It's a fun evening at the Nichols household once again.

What idiot mama bunny builds a nest inside a fence of a home with three dogs??? And why in the world do I have one dog that always manages to find bunnies and drag them into the house while they are squealing for help? Why is Chris always gone when these things happen? Why is Alyx always the one crying and sobbing? And why is Riley so sedate over murder?

I just hope Tanner eats the rest of the bunnies while we are at work and school today...


  1. As to why is Chris never home at a time of crisis? This is a rule of marriage: car dies, sprinklers break, plumbing problems, tornadoes, earthquakes, dog kills Thumper; the husband is always at work or out of town. It is the #1 rule of marriage.

  2. Instead of a physical barrier or fence, have you tried a repellent to protect your strawberries? My neighbor uses DeFence repellent to keep rabbits out of his backyard and he swears by it.
    Here's the spray I'm referring to: