Friday, January 29, 2010


My workplace had a huge push for retirees recently. I think there were at least 30 that retired from IT alone. So, lots of cake - lots of parties - lots of Happy Hours! GREAT one last night!

I can't imagine working in the same place for 40 years - some of these people did the same job almost that same amount of time. I would get too bored - I need challenges - I like change - I like working. Retirement will be a foreign word to me - completely out of my grasp. Unless we win the lottery - I think I will work until the day I die. I am already worried that my night 'job' of volunteering is nearing a close. What will I do with my time? Iron? Mop? Clean grout? Sort sheets? ewwwww

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interesting night

So - I journeyed to Kiel's game solo last night. The game itself was boring. The other team tried very hard but our bench even beat them. I think the final score was 101 to 47.

Anyway, Kiel's coach stopped me before the game. He mentioned that he needs to meet with Chris & myself as he is getting lots of calls from colleges already. He wants to narrow down Kiel's choices so he can just tell schools up front that he isn't interested. I teased the coach that he just didn't want to deal with the calls - and he agreed! So, we are supposed to decide small/large school, in/out of state, degrees, etc. Exciting! Last I heard, Kiel was going to stay at Lincoln the two years and get the associates and a bit more conditioning/strength and stats before moving on...

Then, after the game, the Spoon River coached stopped and talked with Kiel and me. He heavily recruited Kiel over the summer. Wonderful guy, young, full of ideas but his program was just too new and sketchy and we just couldn't risk it. He shook our hands and told us that he felt we did make the right decision by coming to Lincoln. He said he had no idea what level Kiel was going to be at and there was no way that Spoon River could have provided Kiel what he needed in a program. Shook our hands again and we told him thank you. Awkward but made us both feel very good.

It is very scary making these decisions! Hopefully, our next big one concerning schools goes just as well!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Great pic

Chris took this...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Awesome Game!

Kiel & the Lynx were phenomenal... Unfortunately - they played so well that the game was boring! Kiel's slam dunks were a highlight of the night...

Friday, January 15, 2010


Wow - I am just pooped. What a long week at work - followed by a long week of concession stands...

We have NOTHING on the calendar tonight. I wish I could say that I will collapse in a chair in front of the fire and drink wine but no.

First of all, we are out of firewood. I don't know how cold it's been, but wow. Usually the amount that we bought before Christmas lasts the rest of the season. I must have really turned the heat down this year! My dad would have been proud! Anyhow, we ordered a new delivery that will come on Saturday afternoon.

Second, the house doesn't get clean by itself. Why is there always laundry? It just never does stop. Too bad I can't talk the fam into pulling the old college method of turning stuff inside out and wearing it again!

So, I guess it will be sweats and chores.

At least, I can have some wine!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bear

The family has a new member. Bear is a Great Pyrenees and the sweetest dog. His family had to give him away since their new infant is allergic to dogs. The poor owner, Matt, was almost in tears when he left.

Bear is huge - his feet are huge - his head is huge. And his coat is so soft - like a big blanket. This is a good thing since he thinks he is a lap dog! He loves to play in the snow - probably since he is hot! He is very protective of his food. He has a low guttural growl that sounds just like a bear for his warning noise. He seems to be adjusting well however. He came from a very quiet household to chaos so I am sure he will slowly get used it.

The girls love him. And he slept with us the first night (that was a VERY crowded bed). He slept on a sleeping bag next to me last night. We will get him a giant doggie bed tonite.