Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ahhhh....the holidays...

Well, the tree is up - thanks to Meesie and the girls (and my exemplary management skills).

I am trying a new medication that is just exhausting me. At some point, I developed this need to severely hurt idiots - mainly those at work but also drivers that can't follow the rules of the road, shoppers that can't seem to count to 20 - you get the idea. I am not sure if it is the lovely menopause symptoms or the age or the fact that I am just beat down, but my cheery outlook on life (ha) has gone the wayside of fits of rage. So, rather than end up in one of our finer incarceration facilities, we are trying a new medication. So far, I am tired and my tongue feels huge. I swear I can feel every little bump on it - it's the strangest thing. I told a couple of my good friends to judge my progress as I am not sure I will notice a change.

Chris still does not have a contract for the following year. He was told he was getting a 3 month extension - but we haven't seen a thing. Just a little bit of stress going on in his - and my - life right now. We have been here before - we made it through. It was ugly - but we did it. We can do it again.

I tried to explain to the older three that Christmas might be a bit lean this year. Of course, I had to text Kiel this info. Kiel can be the sweetest kid. He told me that as long as the girls have a good Christmas - that will make him the happiest - he mostly just wants to come home. I think they understand. They remember when we were basically homeless or had to shower at the Y when money was so tight that I was afraid I couldn't pay water bill! They have been there before - and they will get through it again.

I guess that's what we will need to focus on the most - being together. There aren't going to be many of those opportunities left as my babies get older and go their own way. Sigh...

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