Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stake out

Chris and I sometimes do the craziest things...

Our hairdresser for the family is getting a divorce. A very nasty, ugly divorce. Huge custody battle. She was devastated for awhile but now she is angry.

Our poor little Holly is being made out to be a terrible mom - which she is not. Her hubby works at the 'Farm' and makes plenty of money and Holly works part time as a hairdresser and part time at another little job so we can work around the husband's schedule and still make money. They have a little girl about a year old and a son that is in kindergarten now I think.

Anyhow, interracial marriage. So, I gave her some advice and tried to prepare her for all of the horrible things that were going to be thrown at her - based on my lovely experience.

Chris is a good man and will do just about anything that I ask him to. So, we went on a stakeout last night. Holly and her kids went to her mom's for the holiday. We are trying to find something incriminating on this guy to try and help her. Chris and I made a little picnic with blankies and parked outside of the house (since he refuses to leave the house and lives upstairs in a spare bedroom) and watched it. We were on a public street and moved our van frequently. We did have some activity but it turned out to just be his mom. We ran by this morning - only his car there now. We will try again for awhile tonite.

I like stakeouts. I ate the entire time. We had nice conversation. It was a fun night. I had to keep reminding myself that we were there for something very serious. Too bad we didn't get any goods on him...

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