Friday, March 5, 2010


Yes, I know it's Friday and I should be super excited. Yes, I am going away for a lovely weekend with my daughter to the cutest little bed and breakfast. Yes, the weather is warming up and I should be giddy that I don't have to wear a big, thick heavy coat.

I have nothing to wear!!! Poor Christopher had to watch me try on about fifteen different outfits this morning. Nothing fits or I have worn it to death or I am tired of wearing black - you get the idea. I am NOT my mother's child. I am big - big - big. I am not the quiet, sweet, petite little angelic soul that she was. I am loud, entertaining, fun to be around and LOVE to eat. Now, typically, I can keep my weight at at the 'fluffy' stage (for those Gabriel Iglesias fans) but with my menopause and absolute hatred of exercise - I am nearing the 'DAMN' stage. Well, maybe not that bad but it felt like it this morning! And where the hell are my black socks????

But I made it. Twenty minutes late but I am here. I guess that is half the battle....

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  1. Oh Sugar, we both have that fluffy gene. I never could understand my Mother telling your Mother to eat. Who the hell has to be told to eat?

    I too have nothing to wear, except black. But we are still gorgeous fun women. And don't forget that.