Monday, March 22, 2010


What a week - what a whirlwind week...

This has been a week of utter amazement and pride.

Kiel has been so patient for so long - and it is finally paying off. He has been riding the bench for years - always waiting - always practicing - always trying to stay positive and support his team. He has dealt with fantastic coaches, crappy coaches, great teammates, crappy teammates and he persisted.

Weaker players would have folded and called it quits. He truly loves the game and so he kept waiting - year after year after year.

The sky is the limit for him now. He has become such a wonderful athlete as our family has always known he would - and our job was to remind him of that as much as possible. And it is finally happening for him. He has come from that last kid on the bench to the man that the team depends on.

I am amazed and proud and so happy for him....

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