Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tourney time

Kiel's first game of the tourney was last night - he was awesome. Coaches are very interested - several offers on the table...

But - a nice thing occurred on a different level. I was sitting in the stands, reading the program. I noticed that the company that I work for (let's call it CF) is a corporate sponsor of the event! I had no idea!

So today, I emailed the manager of the Danville area (his picture was in the program) and told him thanks for supporting NJCAA and to thank his agents for me as well. Then I mentioned that my son, Kiel, was participating in the tourney.

Well, I guess he forwarded my email onto his agents and I received some of the nicest compliments and congratulations. And then I get a text from Kiel a bit later and I guess the manager found him and talked him to a bit. The manager emailed me and told me that I had a very nice young man for a son.

That was the greatest compliment a mom can receive.

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