Friday, March 26, 2010

Mom guilt

Kiel really wants to go to USC. I really want him to stay in my basement and be a little kid forever. My friends can't wait for their kids to leave and have their own lives. I must have missed that parenting class. Or maybe I am just selfish. Who knows...

I know that Kiel would love southern California. It's beautiful. If I was his age and carefree, I would love to go too. But then that mom thing kicks in and I know that if he heads out there, I won't get to see him. And he probably will meet some wonderful girl - and then will settle out there. And then my grand kids would have their birthdays out there. And I would miss it all...

I know - silly. But these are the kind of things that keep me awake at night... I know - get over it. And I will - but I will be sad just the same...

Monday, March 22, 2010

For your reading pleasure...


What a week - what a whirlwind week...

This has been a week of utter amazement and pride.

Kiel has been so patient for so long - and it is finally paying off. He has been riding the bench for years - always waiting - always practicing - always trying to stay positive and support his team. He has dealt with fantastic coaches, crappy coaches, great teammates, crappy teammates and he persisted.

Weaker players would have folded and called it quits. He truly loves the game and so he kept waiting - year after year after year.

The sky is the limit for him now. He has become such a wonderful athlete as our family has always known he would - and our job was to remind him of that as much as possible. And it is finally happening for him. He has come from that last kid on the bench to the man that the team depends on.

I am amazed and proud and so happy for him....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tourney time

Kiel's first game of the tourney was last night - he was awesome. Coaches are very interested - several offers on the table...

But - a nice thing occurred on a different level. I was sitting in the stands, reading the program. I noticed that the company that I work for (let's call it CF) is a corporate sponsor of the event! I had no idea!

So today, I emailed the manager of the Danville area (his picture was in the program) and told him thanks for supporting NJCAA and to thank his agents for me as well. Then I mentioned that my son, Kiel, was participating in the tourney.

Well, I guess he forwarded my email onto his agents and I received some of the nicest compliments and congratulations. And then I get a text from Kiel a bit later and I guess the manager found him and talked him to a bit. The manager emailed me and told me that I had a very nice young man for a son.

That was the greatest compliment a mom can receive.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Yes, I know it's Friday and I should be super excited. Yes, I am going away for a lovely weekend with my daughter to the cutest little bed and breakfast. Yes, the weather is warming up and I should be giddy that I don't have to wear a big, thick heavy coat.

I have nothing to wear!!! Poor Christopher had to watch me try on about fifteen different outfits this morning. Nothing fits or I have worn it to death or I am tired of wearing black - you get the idea. I am NOT my mother's child. I am big - big - big. I am not the quiet, sweet, petite little angelic soul that she was. I am loud, entertaining, fun to be around and LOVE to eat. Now, typically, I can keep my weight at at the 'fluffy' stage (for those Gabriel Iglesias fans) but with my menopause and absolute hatred of exercise - I am nearing the 'DAMN' stage. Well, maybe not that bad but it felt like it this morning! And where the hell are my black socks????

But I made it. Twenty minutes late but I am here. I guess that is half the battle....

Monday, March 1, 2010

GO LYNX! (and Kiel)

I am not sure of their Regional tourney schedule other than it is the end of this week way down in Southern Illinois.

Nationals is in Danville (whew) and is March 16-20.