Friday, January 21, 2011

Alyx's room

Back in 2000 when we were building the house, we thought it would be cute if the girls had a 'fish' decorated room. So, the walls were bright blue - and we added a cute fish border along with fish light switch plates, fish accessories, etc.

Riley moved out of that room and took over Kiel's 'monkey' room when Kiel moved to the basement. Riley was not a monkey fan. So - the old messy border came down but we left the dark green paint. It is gorgeous paint - soothing and den-like. I found the coolest landscape stuff - and now she has one wall that is covered with a giant waterfall in a beautiful forest. Yes, I am that good...

So poor Alyx is now in the fish room alone. And hated it. Lord knows she complained about it every time she cleaned it. So, in order to appease the princess, Mellisa and I brainstormed. Mellisa wanted to do something like the walls in Toy Story 3 - you know - bright blue with clouds. Mellisa wanted to paint white fluffy clouds all over the existing bright blue walls. I spent one day getting the fish off the walls - which was a mess but I lived thru it. Although the paint was a fun idea - I didn't want to have to cover that up in 3 years when Alyx changed her mind again. Thank goodness for the Internet. I found very cute clouds, butterflies and an inspiring quote that were wall-art (which means SUPER simple to apply).

Alyx had a sleep over one night. Mellisa, Riley and mom spend a few hours applying all of these 'stickers'. It turned out so cute and Alyx was so happy and very surprised!

I also spent some quality times with some damn beads and made two butterfly mobiles to hang in her room. I bought the butterflies about five Christmas's ago when they were on clearance (they were ornaments). I knew one day they would come in handy...

Long story short - pics to follow!!!

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