Friday, January 28, 2011


Recently, a good friend of mine asked me what songs make me think about good times.... Interesting question - and there were three that popped into my mind instantly...

My first love was Roger. I remember he was picking me up for the Sweetheart Dance and I played 'How Deep is your Love' by the BeeGees over and over and over so it would be on when he walked in the door. That was in the day of records - so I probably wore that needle out! I hear that song today - and smile. Bittersweet memory... And for my children that are totally embarrassed now - hey - I was a freshman in high school and times were different then...

Secondly - after my divorce, I had a - shall we say - special friend, Michael. Anytime we went out, we would dance to 'Play that Funky Music' - I still giggle when I hear it...

And of course, my wedding dance song - 'Just the Way you Look Tonight'. That one makes me tear up every single time...

One of my favorite people that I have had the pleasure to know was one of my college roommates - Donna. Today - out of the blue - I rec'd a Facebook friend request. Go figure. I looked for her once in awhile with no success. So to my list, I have to add absolutely anything by Michael Jackson. She knew every move - and had every video down. I miss college - those were fun times....


  1. Many songs come to mind but I'll do three also.

    Smoke gets in your eyes by The Platters. I almost dated Duane M and danced to this with him many times. Your wicked Mother ended up really dating him.

    The Wedding March from the Sound of Music. I walked down the aisle to that at my wedding. Your Grandmother was not thrilled with my choice.

    YMCA by The Village People. Uncle Marty and I danced all night in a bar and they kept playing that song over and over. Lots of company people dancing with all the hand motions, and then we all caught an early morning plane back to the West Coast.

  2. I'd like to know how to qualify for "Creative Extended Family." Are gifts to the blogger involved?

  3. Some sort of blood line - and bribery is always good.