Monday, January 17, 2011

She's back...

New year... already blew that blog daily resolution!

Of course, tons has happened since my last installment. One day at a time - and I might get everyone up to speed!

Let's start with resolutions. My big one for this year was to stop bouncing. At some point, I developed bouncy legs. You know - some people click their pens - I bounce. I guess I might click my pen as well but I don't buy clicky pens as that sound is annoying to me. My coworkers give me grief about my leg bouncing. I can even get a table moving. One of my friends will put her had on my leg to draw my attention to it. I blamed it on my crazy medication. Unfortunately at my December checkup, the doctor said nope - it's just a bad habit.

Great... I can blame no one but myself....

So far so good - no bouncing this year. I do squeeze my toes in my shoes once in awhile when I start to bounce but I have almost made that 21-day habit milestone.

My other resolutions? The blogging is still an ongoing effort. I am drinking only water at work now. That is about to kill me - but I am saving money on soda and it is better for me. Plus it flushes the kidneys that are full of alcohol. Yea - that 'cut down on drinking' resolution failed on day three....

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