Friday, December 30, 2011


My mom was a saint. That's all I have ever heard about my mom. But, my mom loved to gamble. Now - she didn't go to the boat or anything and she certainly didn't make it a regular thing. But Mom loved those scratch off tickets. She would give them to us for Christmas even.

I have a friend here at work that loves them also. It's not an obsession or anything but for fun - she will bring a couple to us here at work at well.

So now - I love them. I love the crossword ones. It's the anticipation of getting that one letter that makes them fun.

I bought one today when I went to Casey's to get breakfast pizze. I didn't win on my crossword but I did on one of the 3-of-a-kind. Won a whole $2!!! So - I am only down three bucks today!!!

Woohoo!!! I like to believe I am helping the Illinois Dept. of Education...

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