Friday, December 23, 2011

So sad...

Way back when I did my student teaching in Kindergarten, one of the teachers pointed at a student and said she knew exactly how he would turn out... I didn't want to believe that but I had that same feeling yesterday.

Chris and I were stopped at a four-way stop on ISU's campus. A kid - maybe ten years old - came running out. A man was chasing him and tried to grab his arm. Now, they are in the road doing this. At first, I thought - whoa - child abuse - need to call someone. Then we noticed that the man had a CVS name badge on. Uh oh. This was a shoplifting thing. The clerk was trying to tackle this kid - and was yanking at his sweatshirt and they were scuffling around. Keep in mind - Chris and I are sitting in the car - and have no idea what to do. Finally - the clerk gets a bottle away from him and pulls off the kids sweatjacket over his head. The kid runs off and the guy throws the sweatjacket at him and starts making a cell phone call.

The bottle was tall - clear liquid - red top. Chris thinks it was vodka.

I was just so sad. I am so afraid that this event won't be the last time that this kid gets in trouble. 10 years old and stealing - alcohol no less. Just sad...

We drove off.

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