Thursday, December 29, 2011

Neighborly love - not hardly

So - I know that I might be wrong here but my feelings are my feelings...

Our neighborhood does not allow parking on the street Monday thru Friday 9-3. We live next to a high school and the high school students were always parking in front of the mailboxes and we wouldn't get mail. The US Postal Service petitioned and we lost all parking. We have tried to get at least parking on one side of the street - opposite the mailboxes - but I guess the neighbors on that side weren't real keen on that idea - so no dice.

Chris ran home for lunch today. Our driveway is full with AJ's truck and the ghetto van. Rather than risk a ticket - which the police have come thru and given tickets before - he pulled into the neighbor's driveway across the street. Meesie got a ticket a month ago for $30 for being parked at 10am in front of our house.

Now, this particular neighbor is NEVER home. I don't know what she does or maybe she lives with someone - whatever - she is never there. We scoop the snow around our mailboxes since her's is on our side of the street. The neighbor next door to her mows her grass. I have moved her trash cans up to her house for her. Chris even shovels her snow when it is bad.

Of course, today is the day that she is home???? So what does she do? She left a note on Chris' car that said the next time he parks in her driveway, she will call the police.

Love it.

Chris won't be parking there anymore. And I will be damned if he scoops one little snowflake for her again!

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