Saturday, December 31, 2011

Puzzles - this should be a pre-marital test

Uncle Lee gave our family a puzzle to work on. Chris and I have done a couple of puzzles together in the past but frankly, our schedules were too busy to do too many. Now that we only have to work around the girls' events, we have more time.

We started out following the same processes. First, the outside edges. Then the lines that outlined some boxes that were in the puzzle. Then the chaos began.

I have learned a lot about Chris. We enjoy each other's company - we like to talk - but wow, we do NOT solve puzzles the same way.

I came downstairs this morning - and this is what I found.

Chris is a shape sorter - I am a color sorter.

I cannot work under these conditions.

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  1. Loving you posting so often. As for the puzzle, everyone knows you sort by color.