Tuesday, January 3, 2012


As a new year is upon us - it seemed only appropriate to have a little thought about clocks...

I like clocks.

I have an old grandfather's clock that hangs in my bedroom. It doesn't work. It didn't work when mom had it either. I remember that she had a neighbor, Mr. Hughes, work on it once. I think it was too old to have available parts. It is really cool looking and once I am a millionaire, I will find someone to fix it.

I have a standing grandfather's clock in our hallway. I bought it when the Carriage House in Champaign went out of business. It used to work but it has been moved way too many times by non-professional clock movers. I will get it fixed too...

I have a clock that I love that hangs over my sink in the kitchen. It hasn't had a battery in years - but it is a cool looking clock too. It's just easier to look at the microwave or the stove to find out what time it is.

I remember staying at my grandmother L'Hote's house in Aunt Lisa's old bedroom. That was a cool bedroom. Everything matched and was white. Aunt Lisa had moved out long ago but I felt grown up in there. Grandmother kept her china painting stuff there. Anyway, I remember this clock that in the day - was modern. It had little tiles that would flip every minute. Not sure how to explain it - but I remember staying up so I could watch all of the little tiles rotate at midnight.

I took a picture of my favorite clock. I bought this clock with my first lifeguarding check - yes, it is that old - and I was so proud of my purchase. And guess what - it still works!!! It was the new thing - and was compact and digital. Now, I don't use it to wake me anymore - I have my cell phone for that. But it is still chugging away. I think I bought it in 1978. That clock has gone everywhere with me - to college - to all of my moves - everywhere. It will break my heart if it ever quits working.

I must have a zillion watches. I went thru a watch phase. I remember when Chris wanted to buy me a watch. I like watches with numbers on them. I guess he had a hard time finding one...

I think it is sad that people don't have as many clocks and watches anymore. I use the time on my phone, my computer, my appliances or my tv stuff now.

And don't even get me started on time telling with my kids. I still don't think Kiel knows what a "quarter till" means.... I guess it is a lost skill - similar to cursive handwriting. That's a whole new post!

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  1. I am guessing the clock from Maryann was our Grandparents'. It hasn't worked much since 1949. It stopped on the date and the time Granddaddy died. Every now and then it would work for a little bit, and then just stop again. I love watches too, as does Papa Jack. They are a great fashion accent.