Monday, January 30, 2012

Hard call to make...

Alyx had a little friend spend the night Saturday night. She loves her sleepovers. Anyway, at some point this little girl mentioned that she didn't have anywhere to live. Turns out, Dad has no money and can't afford the trailer payment. Mom is disabled and has six kids. They lose their trailer on Feb. 15.

Chris and I have always accepted anyone into our home. We may not have a lot but we have a roof and love and let's face it - it's enough. We have had several different kids live with us at different times for different reasons - never this young. Poor thing is ten.

So, I called the mom tonite. I told her that I have been in her shoes. I was 'homeless' and someone found me a place to live and helped me out. I would only be returning the favor. She was crying and so grateful. I can't imagine. How does a mom decide what is best for her children versus her needs as a mom? I was lucky. Someone helped me. I was trying to do the same. She thanked me a million times and told me that she would call me next week.

Poor thing doesn't know which way is up. I hope she makes the best decisions for her children and herself.


  1. You and Chris are so awesome. It's amazing your unselfishness and caring for others. I am grateful and proud to call you my friends. I hope this mother can find additional help for her family.

  2. You are something Lisa Kay. Bless you and Chris. I hope they can find something for the other children before they end up in the system.