Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Class Photos

Yearbook pictures.... A time honored tradition.... My, they have changed over the years!

I remember that I had an absolute fit with my parents that I had to have this certain photographer in Bloomington do my senior pictures. And it cost a small fortune. I went with my friend, Julie, and we couldn't find the dang place and just about missed the whole appointment. I thought they were beautiful. This photographer was very modern and had all sorts of backgrounds and poses and even let us change clothes. I know - it's the norm now but back in the day - that was cool.

Normal West does something easy and has a school photographer do their yearbook pictures. If you wanted anything else, you could either pay extra for more poses from the school person or also go somewhere else. AJ and Kiel could have cared less about their pictures. We just had a few extra photos taken by the school person. Meesie on the other hand, wanted the whole enchilada. Yes, we spent a fortune and honestly, it was worth it. Gorgeous subject - gorgeous photos. None of those pictures are allowed in the yearbook though - those were just for family and friends. Headshots from the school photographer was all that was allowed.

I guess that there is a news item now about a controversial photo that a beautiful girl wants to add to her yearbook. Here's the deal. Yea - it is gorgeous - as is she - but I don't think it is yearbook appropriate. Can't really blame her though - it is a 'current' type of photo. I really blame the school. They should have some guidelines. Maybe require only headshots for the yearbook. Maybe have a setup like our school district and have a school photographer. What about the kids (like AJ & Kiel) that don't care about their picture? Are they even included? What about the kids that can't afford that ridiculous amount of money?

Always a new controversy...


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