Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I was in my little class yesterday - Six Sigma. Interesting class - continues today. Not the subject here though.

So - this guy comes up to me during the lunch break. Excuse me - do I know you? Did you teach my orientation class here? No. Are you in HR? No. Hmmm. So after lunch - we talked briefly. He asked if I had kids. Gave him my normal answer - lots - ages 26 to 9. He asked the name of the oldest. AJ Turpin. That was enough. Oh - you are Mrs. T!!!

He remembered me from my student teaching in his 2nd grade classroom!


I completely remembered him then. He had a changed a bit but I remembered his little eyes. I told him that I remembered being one of the good kids in that room - that some of them drove my a little crazy. He said he knew who I meant and they never changed!

Sometimes, I really wish I was still teaching...

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