Monday, January 16, 2012

My little assistants

I stayed home from work today to spend quality time with the girls. Of course, I woke to crying, punching and tattling. Love it.

Anyway - my goal was to have the girls help me with some yeast breads. Chris may be the cook - but I am the baker in the house. I love making breads - especially sweet ones.

Today - we are making a knock off Cinnabon recipe.

I decided to just tackle one girl at a time. Blood in the bread would not be appetizing. Riley was an awesome helper. Thank goodness we had plenty of eggs. She ended up with egg white on the floor, her clothes, the counter and somehow one of them ended up squirting across the room to the fridge. I don't know how she did it but that was amazing!!! And what a great stirrer - she managed to stir all the way until the 7th cup of flour!

Bread is on it's first rise... Details to follow...

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