Monday, January 23, 2012

Basketball crazy weekend...

Kiel had this out on his Facebook page - I stole it... Kind of cool. I cannot wait until next season when he can finally play again...

Riley's bball season started. They won 26-12. She had 6 points. I was loud and embarrassing as usual. I wish she would be more aggressive. She is the tallest kid out there and solid - she could move some girls!!!

Chris took the girls to a gymnastics meet at ISU on Saturday. Alyx gets sick of ball - so it was nice he did a somewhat girly thing with her!


  1. We saw this on the sports repoet. We were excited to see Kiel. I am with you, want to see him play. It was fun seeing him on the news.

    I am loving you posting so often.

  2. I need to get over to a game. I'd be loud and embarrassing too! Chris is such a great dad; so glad he is able to spend time doing things both girls like to do.
    Hope to see you soon!