Sunday, January 15, 2012


I really didn't want to go to my reunion this summer. It's 30 years. I am overweight - going thru menopause - and enjoy a nice drink and a comedy - and a large fan. Yes, I should be THRILLED that I am still here and kicking but I just really didn't feel the desire to reminisce.

And then I had my sign. Not one - not two - but three people asked me about the reunion. Now, I was not a class officer my senior year (I was previously). I was moving and didn't feel like I had the right to skip out on my class as I was graduating early. Somehow I had the idea that the senior class officers were stuck with planning the reunions for eternity. So - after the third question - I felt somebody had to do something.

So - I have planned the first meeting. I have contacted every body that I can find thru Facebook (after all - it is the tool of all stalkers). Poor Chris - he knows how I will want to control this which is my nature. And how it will just about kill him!! His only guideline so far - we are not paying for this (Mel paid for most of the 10 year one).

I am sure that there will be more to come on this....

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