Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Class Reunions

We had our first meeting last night for the big 30. I look at my face in the mirror every day - I am used to it. It is such an eye opener to see old friends - and they just look older somehow. There was one girl that was always the athletic one - always the tomboy - and very successful at it too. She might look older - but dang - she still has the body. Hate her.

Anyhow - we picked a date and a format. August 4th at the Elk's. The 25 Reunion was formal - so we are going with a more - 'thank god we are still here and which way is the bar' theme.

I already told Chris he didn't have to go! This will certainly not be a fun night for someone that doesn't know a soul!!! Maybe Meesie will go with me - I will need a DD!!!

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