Friday, February 17, 2012

Moving desks..

A memo went out today from our supervisor about common courtesy among our fellow workers. Basically it said to not eat stinky food at your desk and keep your private conversations at a minimum and quiet.

Now, I don't think it was geared at me. It was probably a case of someone complained and we all got the blanket email. However, I took it a step further. I asked my supervisor if I could move.

I am loud. I admit it. I don't have social phone calls - anyone that knows me will confirm that I am NOT a phone person. But - when I start talking with my techs or with agents, I get animated and excited and just get loud. I know I do - it is just how I am. Now, I am one of the more entertaining employees and manage to keep people laughing and happy. No one can deny that.

But - professional is professional - and I have a goal to get further in the company one day. So - I was given permission to move across the aisle to the cube directly across from me. It is against a nice outside wall that doesn't care if I get giggly or engaged. I am saving myself from myself - it's a good thing!

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  1. I LOVE the way you are! I hope that "outside wall" has a non-stimulating color:))...shelly (class of 82)