Thursday, February 16, 2012


I hate this weather. It isn't cold enough - it isn't dry enough. It is just wet.

I have one dog that LOVES to chase birds or squirrels or a leaf - and somehow manages to collect enough good black dirt to start a garden on his feet. Our other dog - very prissy - doesn't like to get dirty. But - she has a water thing. I don't know if she is on a diet or what but she drinks GALLONS of water. And then she has to go out all of the time. To top it all off - she might like to drink water but she doesn't like for her paws to get wet.

We keep a nice bucket of warm water next to the back door. Each paw gets dipped and dried. Bear doesn't mind at all. Kieran hates it. She never gets her "good job" cookie. I hate washing the fifty million dog towels that we go thru on a daily basis.

Can't wait for the heat to dry out our mud wrestling pit back yard....

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