Monday, February 15, 2016

Busy Weekend

Anytime I am upset - I clean.

First, I read my book for book club - The Art of Racing in the Rain.  Very sweet story.  Cried at the end - not a boohoo cry - just a teary, content cry.  The story is told by the dog.  Interesting perspective.    I have another book on request at the library as it is checked out - A Head Full of Ghosts.  Night and day - but that's how I roll.

Photo shelf has been dusted and rearranged.  Mellisa inspired me.  She cleaned the small one for me while she was here.  Sometimes I love it when she helps - this time caused a giant guilt trip.  I took the plunge.  It looks WAAAAYYY better and I am glad she made me do it!

Cleaning....  Makes me sweat and I can't think while doing it.  Every ceiling has been de-cob webbed.  Dog slobber is off the walls.  Alyx helped me with the big project - cleaning the grease off the tops of the kitchen cabinets.  Yikes.  Chris thinks it has been three years since the last time which is probably 2 1/2 years too late!  We put waxed paper down this time.  Saw that on Pinterest.  Should help with the biceps next time!

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