Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nice weather....

Weather is mean sometimes.  Yesterday - gorgeous - same today.  I know dang well that Spring is NOT here yet.  Winter is just a giant tease.

Regardless, I felt inclined to clean windows.  I only did the first floor.  Certainly don't want to go all crazy and spring clean everywhere!

I even pooper scooped.  I might be weird - but I really don't mind it.  It is truly a brainless job.  I can let my mind wander about the craziest things and no one even notices.  People really don't sit around and watch other people pooper scoop.  It is not that entertaining.  So.  I even talk outloud to myself.  I rehearse things I might want to say to people - you know, wise wisdom.

Today I thought about my party on Friday night.  I am having the 40 birthday bash girls over.

Jen is turning 40.  So in some drunken event a couple of months ago, we thought we should go to Vegas.  Then, we saw how much it would cost!  Now, we are doing the Nashville thing.  We have a super fun house rented.  One of the girls is super splurging and hiring a chef to cook for us one night even.  I can't wait.  But - this is not happening until October.  Needless to say, we are all going to be absolutely crazy in anticipation.  We have a little message board going.  Sometimes it is about the trip but most of the time it is about completely inappropriate topics.  This is why I love these girls.

Back to Friday.  Two of the girls can't come - bummer.  I wanted to do a Tennessee theme.  Cowboy boots and bourbon.  So we shall see how that turns out.  I found a great punch that will mess us up royally.  No worries - we have drivers!!

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