Monday, February 1, 2016

Well, shit

I came home today.  Early.  Got the call that Aunt Janet has passed...

Yes, I did leave completely unprofessionally and very quickly.  So - what did I do?  I pooper scooped.    There is something very humbling about picking up giant piles of dog doo.  I cried; I cursed.  I am sure the neighbors thought I was crazy but whatever.  The yard looks much better.  I look like hell.

The grand kiddos are on their way here.  I need some laughter and hugs.

It sounds like Uncle Marty might be planning an event to celebrate her life around the Derby.  Wow, she would love that!  Bourbon, a party and hats.  Yep.  She will be there - she wouldn't miss it for anything...


  1. You don't know me but I had the pleasure of meeting ms Janet when we were transferred to Berkeley Ca. Her arms welcomed me like family. No one had ever said "I love you " as Janet. Yes. You put it perfectly. Picking up poop. Cursing , swearing ....... Raising lots of glasses snd the next time I don a hat, it's for Janet. Deb Gramm