Thursday, February 18, 2016


My parents passed at a very young age in my opinion. 50's.  So I really have little to base my 'older' age parenting skills on...

I am amazed at each of my kids.  How are all of these kids so very different?  Same mom - how did this happen???

My poor little Kiel seems miserable.  I try very hard not to interfere - let him be an adult.  All I want to do is bring him home and hug him.  Can't do it.  He has to grow and be his own person.  Sucks

Alyx worked forever on homework tonight.  Crazy.  She is such an over achiever.  Love it.  She tries so hard to do her best - and she is awesome.

My little Riley is the most mellow and so pleasant.  She shows some signs of independence - which is fascinating.  She is really coming into her own.

AJ - the one kid that has always been there for me.  So hard to be to release him to his own life.   I miss him...

And who knew Mellisa would be such a good mom??  NEVER expected that!!!

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