Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anniversary Today!

Chris and I follow the 'gifting guidelines' dictated by who knows - but it is fun. We manage to come up with creative things to give each other while following the 'rules'.

It has been a bit hectic and costly around the house lately - so we cut back this year. I did get Chris the lovely veggie dragon book that Aunt Janet recommended and a DVD of Harold and Maude. Chris made me watch that movie when we were dating - and I still married him - it's one of his favorites - and I just think it is bizarre. Anyhow - my gifts did not follow the rules at all. Chris won't give me my little gifts yet - he always makes me wait.

Year 9 is supposed to be pottery, willow and leather. So we decided that we would paint pottery together after work - how fun is that?! Not many men would darken the doorstep of a pottery studio. He is definitely a keeper. And it was his idea! I am hoping that they have a very ugly gargoyle to paint - otherwise, it's a fish. I am hoping to find a real funky glaze to use - they have had really cool ones the last couple of times I have been there...

Then dinner - it will be nice to have a night alone for a change...

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  1. Harold and Maude, maybe strange but wonderful.

    I remember your lovely wedding. And I remember a night in a bar at the Hollin reunion. You wanted to ask him out and you were afraid. We discussed Chris for a long time that night. So glad it worked out.