Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This morning, Kiel and I had breakfast at the high school. He had been nominated by a faculty member as exhibiting characteristics of a Champion West student. We assumed it was one of his coaches or maybe his physical conditioning teacher. Turns out - it was his math teacher!

Now, my mother was brilliant at math. I hated math - maybe cause mom wouldn't just tell me the answer - she wanted to teach the concept to me - maybe it was because math was just stupid. I dunno - but I did not inherit my mother's math gene. I got great grades in math - but I didn't like a minute of it and struggled and worked to get those grades. My older three kids did not get the math gene either. They all struggle. Poor AJ has been taking math classes forever just to get his associates degree.

Anyhow, Kiel is not a math guru either. The math teacher gave a little speech that meant more to me than any goofy grade. She has Kiel first hour. She says good morning to her class every day - and gets stone faces from everyone - except Kiel. He gives her a big smile and says good morning Ms. Digby. She said that he always has his homework done, is always on time, is respectful and has a great attitude. Not once did she mention that he struggles in math (he is getting a B now - but let's face it, will never be an engineer). The fact that she said that he is just a great kid meant more to me than anything. Maybe it's the nearness of graduation and the fact that I break down in tears over anything Kiel-related right now - but I was just so very proud of him.

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  1. So much better to be a good person and to be responsible than to get that math gene.

    You have just cause to be proud of Kiel.