Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lovely day...

I had such a wonderful anniversary...

Chris picked me up from work early and we went straight to the pottery place. I surprised him (with help from my awesome friend Amy) with beer, coolers, cheese, hummus, crackers, chocolate, and veggies/dip. We painted for 3 hours and had the best time. Depending on how silly they turn out, I might take a pic and post once they are done being fired.

We skipped dinner since we had snacked all afternoon and went straight to our favorite park to relax. It is a huge area that a group is naturalizing and no one is ever there. It was quiet, nice breeze - just a wonderful walk.

The kids texted us and told us to let them know when we were 15 minutes out. Scary. We got home - they were all lined up at the front door and said our present was upstairs.

I am tearing up again. Anyway - my room is clean - homemade cards from the girls - vase of white roses - bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and glasses - our wedding song was playing and a note that said press play. They had our wedding DVD cued up. It was the sweetest thing - and I just cried like a baby.

I have the most wonderful kids.

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