Monday, May 4, 2009

What happened???

The second I heard that Freisan Fire had been determined to be the Favorite - I knew he wouldn't win. The favorite rarely wins. Not only did he not win - I am not sure he even finished! I think the jockey had to drag him around the rail. Geesh - how disappointing. But - I LOVED the jockey on Mine That Bird - he was unconventional, emotional - just a refreshing change to the normal formality. He was more exciting to me than the race this year!!!

Weekend was busy - Kiel was off in Indiana playing ball. Some school from Wyoming called and offered Kiel a full ride. Wyoming? A school in Tennessee wants to fly Kiel down there - full ride. They can't pay for a parent - which doesn't matter much since we are confined to 70 miles radius to the H1N1 due to work! I am not sure where we stand with that idea anyway. We were supposed to have an answer for Lincoln this week and I am still leaning toward that school - selfish reasons mostly I guess. I just have doubts that Kiel could handle living too far away but who knows - he surprises me sometimes. The rest of the family moved all of the bananas outside along with the other potted plants. We will replant everything this weekend. The house looks absolutely empty now.

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