Friday, February 19, 2010

Go West!

West's girls bball team won the regional tourney last night - heading to sectionals on Tuesday.

Couple of things...

They played in Minooka. This is almost a two hour drive from here. The best part - we played our crosstown rivals. Yes, both of the Normal schools drove all the way up there to play each other. Craziness.

Second - google maps sucks. I went by myself on this little journey since it would be too late for the girls. I followed their map to a T. I even backtracked and drove it again. And again. Every time, I ended up in the middle of a corn field. So I called Chris - new directions - and I backtracked again to the interstate - and drove another 15 minutes up the highway and found it perfectly. Luckily, I left in plenty of time and only missed the tip off. Should have borrowed AJ's GPS.

The game itself was goofy. The three old men that were reffing were scary. I was worried that the school might have to use the defibrillator. They were as round as they were tall and had to have been in their 70's. Needless to say, blind as bats. Very lopsided fouls. Remember when your brother would hit you - and you would hit them back - and you would get caught and in trouble? That's what it was. They just weren't quick enough to see the first 'hit'!

Meesie is still out - doctor's orders. It made the celebration very strange and uncomfortable. Way back in Jr Hi, Meesie's volleyball team won the state tournament. Only 6 girls played in the championship game. Not sure why - that's just what the coach decided. So - it didn't really feel like the team won - just those 6 girls. And gosh knows the parents of the 6 rubbed it in every body's face - and called their girls the Super 6. Not a team oriented group. Anyway - that didn't happen last night but it still stirred some of those same emotions that we felt. Happy for the team - sure - but didn't really feel like a part of it.

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  1. I seem to remember it as my sister hit me, and I got in trouble--or perhaps just had to make a trip--all bloody--to the emergency room.