Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trivia mornings

Chris and I carpool. And we tend to be a bit anal about what time we leave. For example, running late is ten minutes and we hate it. Good thing we married each other!

Anyway, we listen to the same radio station every morning - 93.3 The Drive. At 6:15ish, they give a list of 'items' that occurred during a particular year and then the callers guess the year based on three given choices.

This is a HUGE competition for us - and it is a blast.

This morning, I knew the year was 1977 based on the Queen song "We Are the Champions". We did that crazy cheer in the bleachers when I was in Jr. High. Chris knew the answer based on the Carter election. As usual, he gets the answers based on historical facts - I get the answer based on my memories of goofy events. But since he picked '77 first - I had to go with '78 (which was impossible since I was in High School then and was too mature by then for that cheer).

So, yes, he won. Whoop-e-do. I proceeded to roll down the window, get a nice supply of snow from the window and pelt him. I had a great morning!

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