Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He fwunked!

I spent quality time with Kiel yesterday at the hospital for more tests.

The first test was a tilt-table test. IV went in then they strapped him down and I had to leave the room. Twenty minutes later, the little Korean cardiologist tells me 'he fwunked'. Excuse me? 'He fwunked!'. OK - I have no idea what he is saying but he was just the cutest thing. I went back in the room - Kiel is laying on the table - white as a sheet and the nurse said he flunked. I guess they tilted the table only 70 degrees. Kiel handled it for 16 minutes then just passed out. He was coming back around when I came in - lots of IV fluids. Blood pressure bottomed out. So - this test told us that he has orthostatic hypertension. Basically, he needs more fluids, better diet and will never be able to stand at attention very long without passing out. If he has to stand for a period of time - or get up quickly - he will need to fidget or keep moving - not just stand still.

Echo was next. It was kind of emotional for me. I hadn't really 'watched' his heart beat since he was in the womb (awwww). That test took forever - and he fell asleep during that one. It was neat watching the heart valve open and close. I am not an expert by any way, shape or form, but it didn't look like a regular heart beat to me. There was an extra, smaller thump in there once in awhile - but then again - maybe we all do that?!?!

He is wearing a holter monitor now. It comes off at 11:30.

I am not sure at what point we get the results from the zillions of tests. I am sure that our doc has the EKG and the MRI and the bloodwork back - but I am not sure how long it takes for the tests from Monday to be 'read'. So - I will update when I can!

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