Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two for one

I need to make two updates today...

First of all - my AJ. I don't get to talk about AJ much. He flies under the radar and causes absolutely no trouble - ever. So - a bit of bragging is due. AJ is working the Polling place today. Not many kids his age seem to appreciate or understand the importance of voting - not to mention care enough to get that involved. So kudos AJ!!!

Now - to Kiel. Way back in the day before I became the voluptuous blonde that I am now (that's how I picture myself anyway) - I was fit and trim. I had these same type of black outs that Kiel is experiencing. Old doctor Veirs gave me salt tablets.

So - we take Kiel to his doc. Blood pressure is low. And he asks Kiel if he is restricting his salt intake on purpose as he imagines that this is a diet related problem. HAHAHAH I had been telling Kiel to eat salt!

BUT - since big guys are dropping like flies from heart issues lately - no one wants to take any chances. He had an EKG yesterday along with blood work. Kiel is THE biggest chicken when it comes to needles. It was quite humorous. And he lost more weight. He is down to 206 - which is pretty skinny for someone seven foot tall. He is scheduled for an MRI on the 12th and will have a 24 hour heart monitor on the 22nd.

All of this is just in case. But wow, it will make the mama feel better knowing he doesn't have that heart mess...

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