Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy weekend...

Chris arranged for the girls to have a sleep over on Saturday night. Both girls got to have one friend over. Then Kiel calls and says he is coming home on Friday and is bringing two players with him for the weekend. Chris and I had a party to attend on Friday night. Riley had volleyball on Friday night. Meesie and Sara decided to throw a going to college party on Saturday (luckily - this was at Sara's). AJ's bday was Sunday (yes, 25 - which makes me have more gray hair). This weekend required a lot of cooking and food (and pillows!)

Then Mellisa announces that she thinks we need a family picture done before everyone leaves again for college. So Sunday morning - we traipse to the photographer after dropping off the sleepover girls at 8am (getting four girls ready that early is NOT fun). We ditched the two friends of Kiel (which I am not sure even noticed that we left since they were still snoring when we got home).

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