Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What were they looking for?

Our cars were broken into last night. I guess I can't say broken into as they were unlocked. We keep hoping that someone will just take the dang things!!! Anyway, Chris and I get in the ghetto van and notice that the doors are only pushed shut - not really closed. Then, everything that was in the glove box or in any of the storage drawers was thrown out. Curious. We thought maybe Mellisa was frantically searching for something?
Then - we notice the green car is in the same condition.
Now - we keep nothing in our cars. Not even CDs. I do have a package of Tums in there and some pennies but they were not taken.
We drive to work - and notice other doors open in the neighborhood.
I texted one of the high school girls - yes, her car was a mess but not even her CDs were taken.

I called the police - since nothing was taken - they didn't want to take a report. Jackie's mom is a little more demanding - she made them take a report.

Very strange - what were they looking for?

1 comment:

  1. Drugs???


    I do live in Oakland and that is what they look for here in the city.