Friday, August 6, 2010

The morning drive...

Chris and I carpool. We listen to various morning shows on the drive into work.

One of our favorites - well, it's more Chris' than mine - is the Bob & Tom show. It is juvenile humor that usually revolves around poop stories or boobs. Every once in awhile, they actually make me laugh - but usually, I am just amazed that Chris thinks they are funny!

This morning - very interesting topic. They were discussing fun things to do in your hotel room such as leave a chalk outline on the carpet for the maid - or police tape - things like that. Well, one of the listeners wrote in something that I am going to have to do. He suggested that you take Rain-X (it's a solution to put on your windshield for the rain to whisk away) and cotton swabs and write a message on the mirror. Now, the maids won't see that since it's clear but the next person that gets out of that steamy shower will! It was suggested to write something like - Did you find the video cameras? or meet me at noon in the lobby or something fun like that.

I may just have to try this!!!

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  1. I really like the Bob and Tom Show. I enjoyed it while I was in Lexington, and every now and then one of the local stations will syndicate it, but I wish there was one that played it regularly.