Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heat plus menopause - not a good combo

My, oh my, it's hot! I am not a hot weather kind of girl. I get this genetically from my grandmother.

I lived with my grandmother about every summer. She had a pool and I would teach swim lessons to the kids in the neighborhood. It was an awesome money maker and a great way to get a tan! I remember coming inside the house during breaks and turn blue from the cold! At night, I would have a zillion blankets to try and keep warm.

How times change... I am now the one trying to freeze people out.

I have a giant fan at work. My manager comes thru about every day and tries to be cute and either turns it around or turns it off or something. He doesn't realize that he is risking his own life touching my fan. I have warned him - I have witnesses. One day, I may just snap. And trust me, any female judge that has gone thru any type of menopause will let me off with a slap on the wrist!

Poor Christopher mentioned that he has a horrible runny nose. Hmmm... I wonder if it could be the ceiling fan on high in our bedroom - along with the pedestal fan at the foot of the bed - along with the little fan that I have next to my side of the bed on top of the ac duct...

And yet, I still sweat like a pig... Or is it glisten?

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  1. Oh Lisa, I feel for you. And just to really ruin your day, I still have hot flashes, 25 years later. I used to have a neck thingy that I put in the freezer. Then I would pull it out and wear it. Your Grandmother and I both have battery fans we carried in our purses. Give Chris a sweater and tell him to hush.