Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He fwunked!

I spent quality time with Kiel yesterday at the hospital for more tests.

The first test was a tilt-table test. IV went in then they strapped him down and I had to leave the room. Twenty minutes later, the little Korean cardiologist tells me 'he fwunked'. Excuse me? 'He fwunked!'. OK - I have no idea what he is saying but he was just the cutest thing. I went back in the room - Kiel is laying on the table - white as a sheet and the nurse said he flunked. I guess they tilted the table only 70 degrees. Kiel handled it for 16 minutes then just passed out. He was coming back around when I came in - lots of IV fluids. Blood pressure bottomed out. So - this test told us that he has orthostatic hypertension. Basically, he needs more fluids, better diet and will never be able to stand at attention very long without passing out. If he has to stand for a period of time - or get up quickly - he will need to fidget or keep moving - not just stand still.

Echo was next. It was kind of emotional for me. I hadn't really 'watched' his heart beat since he was in the womb (awwww). That test took forever - and he fell asleep during that one. It was neat watching the heart valve open and close. I am not an expert by any way, shape or form, but it didn't look like a regular heart beat to me. There was an extra, smaller thump in there once in awhile - but then again - maybe we all do that?!?!

He is wearing a holter monitor now. It comes off at 11:30.

I am not sure at what point we get the results from the zillions of tests. I am sure that our doc has the EKG and the MRI and the bloodwork back - but I am not sure how long it takes for the tests from Monday to be 'read'. So - I will update when I can!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Go West!

West's girls bball team won the regional tourney last night - heading to sectionals on Tuesday.

Couple of things...

They played in Minooka. This is almost a two hour drive from here. The best part - we played our crosstown rivals. Yes, both of the Normal schools drove all the way up there to play each other. Craziness.

Second - google maps sucks. I went by myself on this little journey since it would be too late for the girls. I followed their map to a T. I even backtracked and drove it again. And again. Every time, I ended up in the middle of a corn field. So I called Chris - new directions - and I backtracked again to the interstate - and drove another 15 minutes up the highway and found it perfectly. Luckily, I left in plenty of time and only missed the tip off. Should have borrowed AJ's GPS.

The game itself was goofy. The three old men that were reffing were scary. I was worried that the school might have to use the defibrillator. They were as round as they were tall and had to have been in their 70's. Needless to say, blind as bats. Very lopsided fouls. Remember when your brother would hit you - and you would hit them back - and you would get caught and in trouble? That's what it was. They just weren't quick enough to see the first 'hit'!

Meesie is still out - doctor's orders. It made the celebration very strange and uncomfortable. Way back in Jr Hi, Meesie's volleyball team won the state tournament. Only 6 girls played in the championship game. Not sure why - that's just what the coach decided. So - it didn't really feel like the team won - just those 6 girls. And gosh knows the parents of the 6 rubbed it in every body's face - and called their girls the Super 6. Not a team oriented group. Anyway - that didn't happen last night but it still stirred some of those same emotions that we felt. Happy for the team - sure - but didn't really feel like a part of it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What is this?

So - our department rec'd a box of 1000 of these 'bags'. The box was destroyed - it was obviously not supposed to come to us and UPS can't figure out who to return it to so they told us to keep them.

But - we have no idea what they are!

The notebook that the bag is on is 18x11. There are a zillion little perforated holes. It is made of a plastic material. It also has a sealed shape at the top of the round part. It is completely open on the bottom.

It's not a wide enough opening for a head. Too large for a hand. Strange shape for fruit or bread. I've searched in beauty supply, food supply. I give up.

Any ideas?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Love the Olympics...

So, I am glued to the TV now. I love the Winter Olympics. I watch as much as I can.

Couple of comments...

I am old and tired and need entertainment. I fell asleep during the Opening Ceremonies about Albania's team introduction. I just need more excitement than watching the delegations walk around. Don't worry - I watched YouTube.

Why is Chris Collinsworth there? I understand Bob Costas - he's everywhere. I kept expecting some new football sport or something...

Mr. Button needs to not wear workboots when being interviewed. I understand that typically we see him from the chest up or just his voice. But someone should give that guy a nice pair of shoes to wear on camera.

Luge video. Wow - was that necessary?

Moguls? I hurt my knee yesterday carrying in the giant firewood bucket. That was one little mogul - how do they do that day after day after day? Every bump makes me ache!

Finally, the cross country ski/shoot thing. I believe it's the biathlon. I was eating my lunch while watching yesterday. Can't someone give them a hanky? That was just nasty. They had to have dehydration issues due to the massive snot loss! Use your sleeve or something! Gross...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trivia mornings

Chris and I carpool. And we tend to be a bit anal about what time we leave. For example, running late is ten minutes and we hate it. Good thing we married each other!

Anyway, we listen to the same radio station every morning - 93.3 The Drive. At 6:15ish, they give a list of 'items' that occurred during a particular year and then the callers guess the year based on three given choices.

This is a HUGE competition for us - and it is a blast.

This morning, I knew the year was 1977 based on the Queen song "We Are the Champions". We did that crazy cheer in the bleachers when I was in Jr. High. Chris knew the answer based on the Carter election. As usual, he gets the answers based on historical facts - I get the answer based on my memories of goofy events. But since he picked '77 first - I had to go with '78 (which was impossible since I was in High School then and was too mature by then for that cheer).

So, yes, he won. Whoop-e-do. I proceeded to roll down the window, get a nice supply of snow from the window and pelt him. I had a great morning!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Old term?

Meesie wanted to see a movie with her 'friend' Joe at 9pm on Saturday night. Now, normally this would be ok since she would be home by midnight but she had been very ill and missed two days of school that week. Chris and I felt that she should get some good sleep and maybe go to the matinee on Sunday before the Superbowl.

Matinee? She didn't know what that meant. We explained - she said - why didn't you just say the 2pm show? AJ even let us down - he thought it meant the midnight show.

Is that a term no longer in use? Are there just so many show times now that there isn't really a true matinee?


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two for one

I need to make two updates today...

First of all - my AJ. I don't get to talk about AJ much. He flies under the radar and causes absolutely no trouble - ever. So - a bit of bragging is due. AJ is working the Polling place today. Not many kids his age seem to appreciate or understand the importance of voting - not to mention care enough to get that involved. So kudos AJ!!!

Now - to Kiel. Way back in the day before I became the voluptuous blonde that I am now (that's how I picture myself anyway) - I was fit and trim. I had these same type of black outs that Kiel is experiencing. Old doctor Veirs gave me salt tablets.

So - we take Kiel to his doc. Blood pressure is low. And he asks Kiel if he is restricting his salt intake on purpose as he imagines that this is a diet related problem. HAHAHAH I had been telling Kiel to eat salt!

BUT - since big guys are dropping like flies from heart issues lately - no one wants to take any chances. He had an EKG yesterday along with blood work. Kiel is THE biggest chicken when it comes to needles. It was quite humorous. And he lost more weight. He is down to 206 - which is pretty skinny for someone seven foot tall. He is scheduled for an MRI on the 12th and will have a 24 hour heart monitor on the 22nd.

All of this is just in case. But wow, it will make the mama feel better knowing he doesn't have that heart mess...