Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Pillows

I thought it would be nice to finish Mellisa's volleyball season with a bang.

Intercity varsity volleyball tourney is this Saturday and West is hosting. It is tradition to have each team bring their own food for the day and decorate a couple of tables in their colors. Last year, I had balloons and lots of silver and black and confetti - basically, a whole lot of bling. Yes, it is a committee of one - and our colors are silver and black. This year - I had to go further.

I have a theme - I am creating a "Wildcat Den". I am bringing in our large camping food tent and lining the floor with mats that the cheerleaders use. I bought the cutest little eye masks for each of the girls and I am making a pillow for each of them. I have a zillion black or west logo blankets that I am dragging in for our Den.

Now - the pillows. I found an awesome website with super cheap pillow forms - so I ordered 12 of those and they were delivered super fast. The pillows are 12x12 - so perfect size for a little nap pillow. I went with a friend of mine to the fabric store and spent about an hour looking for the perfect fabrics. Diana has this lovely machine that does embroidery - so we are putting an ipod or cell phone pocket on each pillow. The pocket has a large "West" in black - and then their name is in silver in the corner.

I had to buy ribbon for a Homecoming project I am doing the next day (that's another blog) - and found an entirely different fabric that I just loved - so I will just have to come up with another project for the first fabric (maybe a large bolster for AJ's bed).

Anyway - the back of the pillows are a soft black. The front is white with black polka dots - with the pocket.

So - I am sewing like crazy. Then a couple of the girls at work thought - oh, you should make one for the coach. Tonite - off to find a pillow form. Diana already embroidered the same "West" logo - but added all of the girls' names on the pocket.

And more sewing...

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  1. OK, you really are Maryann's child and not mine. That sounds like a living hell to sew and do cute craft things.

    I think I will go have a Bloody Mary and forget all about this.