Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well, the chaotic schedule is in full swing!

Chris, Mellisa and I spent a few lovely hours on Sunday hanging Christmas net lighting down at the football field. It hangs over this large span of girders between 2 brick buildings - and is the entryway to the field. The lights are about 15 nets across by 20 nets long. Anyhow, that took forever. Last night, I rec'd an email from the athletic director. Yea, the baseball coach was moving some batting stuff and accidentally tore them all down. Now, these things were obvious - hung very high - and we used super dooper strong zip ties (as in we had to use wire cutters to cut them). So - at what rate of speed was he driving to destroy my lights????????????? And - after the first few go - we kept driving??? They are completely ruined. They offered to buy more to replace but my week is booked with the rest of the decorating. I think they should have to hang them too! And honestly, where am I going to get that many nets this time of year? They are only just starting to put Christmas stuff out.

Tonight - the painting of the wood W's. Most have the finished coat on already but I have yet to add the name of the senior and the sport. We are blinging those up with silver Christmas balls. They were to hang under the lights - but I may have to come up with a plan B.

And - I have to finish up my award rosettes for the float contest. They are so cute. I found wonderful blue, red and white satin - and they are huge and bright. I will have to take pics. Last year, the person in charge of the contest spray painted a paper plate - it was horrible. At least these are totally ribbon like!! And displayable at the school - I would have just round-filed the ones from last year...

We have to move my giant W out of the school to my driveway where the hayrack has been sitting for the week. We just use a large furniture dolly and push it down the street. It is always entertaining for the neighborhood.

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